The Story

What is this place ?

A few years ago my sister in law challenged me to run 1000 miles over the course of one year. At first I thought – “are you crazy?” – then I realized it was only 19 miles a week. Very doable, and yet a challenge in terms of consistency. I’d run marathons, but I was unaware of how many miles I’d ever run in a year. Worse, I usually went through ups and downs with my training and had never been consistent for a whole year. I accepted her challenge, and challenged my friends to do the same. 78 people accepted the challenge, that first year, 7 finished. Miles were logged online for all to see.

Now the 1000 Mile Challenge has become an online EVENT. It’s no longer just a little challenge with some local friends it’s global and it’s become a Badge of Honor. You can start it at any time during the year. Unlike a 5k, half marathon, marathon or obstacle run or any other event where you train for a specific single day event, the 1000 Mile Challenge is an event where you get to run on your own terms and in your own way and still run with your friends. We provide the tools to track and post your miles, share your runs with your friends and hold each other accountable, you have fun and bring the energy.

You can challenge your friends to specific runs. You can run together though you may be continents apart. You can keep track of each others progress and hold each other accountable to goals. You can congratulate others on their runs or their progress. There are a lot of reasons to run the 1000 Mile Challenge. Can you do it? We shall see.

Each year since the original challenge I’ve run 1000 miles. It’s been great for me and helped me stay consistent with my fitness and health. It pushed my boundaries and it got me to do things I’d not yet done. In short it changed my life and a few around me as well. I’ve continued to offer the challenge to others and it’s continued to change lives. NOW, you’ve been offered the same challenge. Take the Challenge and join the EVENT. Invite your friends to run the 1000 Mile Challenge with you. It will be the toughest event you run ALL year. It may be the only event you run ALL year and it may change your life.

It will help improve other peoples lives because a portion of the proceeds will go toward helping improve the ABILITIES of those who are challenged in ways that they have no control over.

Someone once ask me a question. “Why do you run?” I had to admit to myself I really didn’t know. What came out of my mouth, at the time, surprised me a little, but has always been true. “Because I can.” A portion of the revenue from the 1000 Mile Challenge will go to those with disabilities.

That’s our story. Come create your own story with us. Have fun doing it, because the reality is, you can only win.